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NuGrafix’s primary manufacturing focus has been devoted to the design, manufacture and installation of banking environments.

Teller counters, ATM surrounds and check writing desks have been manufactured and installed for Independence Community Bank among a long list of others.

The entire focus of our manufacturing revolves around some pretty interesting surfacing materials. Two of these materials are licensed by sister companies to International Paper.

Both Vitricor® and Impressions/FlexV® are sold through the Nevamar (Decorative Products Division) of International Paper.

The single largest customer is Sea Ray Yachts, where you are very likely to find Impressions® and FlexV® woodgrains in the interior bulkhead cabinetry from kitchens to main cabin to state room cabinetry.

Tray was developed to address a void, which we felt, existed in the marketplace. Originally a lack of this type of product which could well be used on Yachts where horizontal surfaces are at a minimum and where there is a need for a practical solution that can be put away when not needed.

Thus, a serving surface which is both practical and utilitarian. A Tray which in combination with its fold-up base becomes a functional serving surface ... in essence a Tray Table... and not a fold-up T.V. tray.

In addition by incorporating our Newgrafics® Surfacing material we are able to personalise the Tray Tables in quite literally a million and one ways.


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