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As we have said and as you probably have seen by now, our products are Trays that become Tables.

Our Traytables are not just another light weight TV Tray! These sturdy pieces, made of real rubber-tree wood and Newgraphics® inserts, weigh 10 lbs.

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Why shouldn’t Trays that become Tables be just a little more than simple straightforward utility?

For example, why not personalise them to turn them into a functional and practical extension of who we are, to reflect ourselves, as we would like to be seen. Maybe by identifying ourselves with the University or school that we went to, or the club we belong to, Golf, Yacht or other, or our favorite pet, cat, or dog, or bird?

Here are several examples of how Tray Tables can be personalised:


  • the Club logo
  • a score card showing a personal best score
  • a photograph of the Club's 'signature' hole


  • the name of the boat in the exact font style that is used on the boat
  • a personalised emblem

OTHER OPTIONS may include:

  • A favorite pet
    • a cat
    • a dog
    • a bird
  • A work of art
    • your own
    • a child's
    • our own collection

Why not? Well, up until now because there simply was no way of doing it! No company had the technology to do such a crazy thing.

Newgrafics® Surfacing is unique in its ability to implant virtually any image, high definition or otherwise into the surface of this unique material. Newgrafics® Surfacing is virtually as hard as glass (98% as hard), and it won’t shatter like glass, it is hydroscopically inert, (will not stain on the top surface with spilled liquids or aromatic deposits like mustard or ketchup).

This is a material that has been in the marketplace for over 19 years in extremely high traffic areas. It has withstood the test of time and it works.

Let us say now for the record, that Newgrafics® is remarkable in its ability to withstand NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR. However, it would be impossible to guarantee it against ABUSE AND VANDALISM.

One must also take care not to allow excessive liquid to get trapped along the edges or between the underneath side of the Newgrafics® insert and the wooden Tray Table. Cleanliness is the consideration here and the very unlikely possibility that some edge discolouration could occur. In any case we feel compelled to mention it.

The wooden fold up base and Tray itself are manufactured using a very moisture resistant wood, which in its own right is pretty unique.

It is RUBBER WOOD. Quite literally wood which is harvested in regenerated plantations from trees that give us rubber.

Thanks to these trees which were unique to the Amazon forest of Brazil until the late eighteen hundreds, we were able to make rubber tires for cars and bicycles and a spate of other products which are common everyday items today.

Like all woods, grains and color can vary within an acceptable range from one Tray Table to another.

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