Q. How does one clean the Newgrafics® Surfacing insert?

A. The best way of cleaning the surface is with Windex® or any comparable glass cleaner.

Q. Will the Surface of the Insert scratch?

A. With normal wear and tear the Insert will resist surface scratching almost as effectively as glass does. However, it is important to avoid dragging sharp objects across the surface as these could cause surface scratches.

Q. What should be avoided?

A. The surface is resistant to virtually everything that one could think of putting on it, including dishes with piping hot food. In fact, almost the only thing that can affect the surface is acetone. It is important to remember not to leave a piece of cotton impregnated with acetone on the surface for a prolonged time period. Cigarettes can also leave an imperfection on the surface if left to burn out on the surface.




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